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He was born 16th October in 1970 in Sheki, in Bash Goynuk village. In 1978-1988 he has re­ce­ived secondary education. In 1997 he graduated the Baku State University. Since up to date he works at chemical faculty of BSU.


İn 1997, Chemical faculty of Baku State University. İn 2004, PhD thesis on “Con­­­nection elec­trophyl reagents activated by sulfuric anhydride to the some ole­fins". İn 2011, doctoral thesis on “Synthesis of functionalsubstituted com­po­unds on the basis alkenylphenols and studying in them various dynamic effects by NMR spec­tros­co­py method”


Since 1997- to date, “Oil chemistry and chemical technology” department of Chemical faculty of BSU. Teaching of “Chemistry of oil and petrochemical syn­the­sis”, “Chemical tec­h­no­lo­gy”, “The heteroatom compounds of oil”, “Thermo­ca­ta­lic trans­­­formation of oil”, “Modern ana­ly­sis methods in oil chemistry”, “Tec­hni­cal­ly important compounds received on the basis of oil and gas”. Author of 150 article, 4 bo­­­­oks and 5 patents. By the NMR spectroscopy method studies phy­sical and che­mi­cal properties of solutions. At the first time studied molecular dynamics of so­lu­tions of phenols derivatives and has found out the some interesting results.


Oil chemistry, organic chemistry and NMR spectroscopy.


XVIII Mendeleyev congress-Moscow (2007), XI international NMR conference-Kazan (2007), IX international NMR conference-spectroscopy, tomography, ecology- Rostov-on-Don (2008), 5-th winter youth NMR conference-Sankt-Petersburg (2008), XII international NMR conference-Kazan (2009), Russian conference- Sankt-Petersburg (2014), Russian conference- Moscow (2016).


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1. The modern methods of NMR spectroscopy, BSU, 2006, 140 p

2. Practikum for oil chemistry and petrochemical synthesis, BSU, 2007, 360 p

3. General chemical technology, Çaşıoglu, 2011, 310 p

4. Treatment of petrol hydrocarbons, Çaşıoglu, 2012, 360 p


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