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VII International Scientific Conference

"Chemistry of coordination compounds", dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Academician R.A. Aliyeva

On September 20-21, 2017 will be the 7th International Scientific Conference "Chemistry of Coordination Compounds" dedicated to the Aliyeva Rafiga Alirza gizi 85th anniversary - prominent scientist-chemist, honored worker of sciences, full member of ANAS, with the order of "Honor" of Baku State University.

Dear scientists, chemists and young researchers! We invite you to participate in this conference.

Conference languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and English.

Conference materials will be published in the form of articles collection. We ask you to present the results of previously unpublished research papers to the organizing committee before September 10, 2017. The volume of the submitted articles should not be less than 5 pages.

Articles should be drafted in the following form:

 The article should be written in A4 format, size 14, font Times New Roman, fields 2.0 cm on each side, interval 1.5, paragraph 1.25 and the text must be collected without transferring from one line to another.

 The Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) should be specified.

 The title of the article should be written with capital letters and bold font.

 The names of authors, patronymic, surname (for example: A.A. Aliev) are written.

 The organization name and e-mail address are indicated.

 A summary in the compiled language of the article not less than 100 characters.

 If the article is written in Azerbaijani or Russian, the summary should be in English, and if in English, it is necessary to submit a summary in Russian.

 After the resume it is necessary to give the keywords in the corresponding language of 3-5 words.

 In the article, it is necessary to give relevance, practical part, results and their discussion, list of literature.

Information on participation and articles should be sent online before September 10, 2017, to: ciraqov@mail.ru, xalil-71@rambler.ru (or BSU, Chemistry Department, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Room 287).

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